St. Edward Preschool
Procedures for Finding Out About Delays/Closings

Our preschool policy for school delays and cancellations has been to follow whatever Granville schools do. We will still follow this policy it the delay or closing is due to weather. But after the last power outage, it became clear that our preschool needed to have our own system for communicating with parents. Therefore in the future, radio and TV stations will be notified as to the status of any delays or cancellations for our preschool classes.

To find out about class delays/cancellations, there are several options:

1. Tune in to one of the following Radio Stations:

AM: WTVN-610, WCOL-1230, WBNS-1460

FM:  WCOL-92.3, WLZT-93.3, WBNS-97.1, WNCI- 97.9, WBNR-105.7

2. Tune in to one of the following Columbus Television Stations:

Channel 4 (NBC), Channel 6 (ABC), Channel 10 (CBS), Channel 28 (FOX), ONN-TV

3. Access any of these websites, and click on the school delay/closing icon:

To find out if classes are delayed/closed, you may also call the preschool office directly at 587-3275 and listen to the pre-recorded message.

PLEASE NOTE: If the power goes off at the church, so does the phone system. It will simply keep ringing with no answer!